Monday, March 18, 2013

The Twelve Within You

The Twelve Within Adele Marie

Twelve is all you do for that is the Christ within you…when we seek the kingdom of heaven we all know that to travel the way, is to travel it with Jesus…on this day of twelve, I share with you the recipe to live within the Christ in all you do.


1)      View all things thru the eyes of the Child within

2)      Love all people from the depth of your soul

3)      Never allow anyone to live your life, when they cannot live their own

4)      Never judge another, for you then shall be judged

5)      Look at both sides of the story, for one day, your own shall be examined

6)      Treat others as you would ask others to treat you

7)      Never give false witness to and about another, as the witness shall be you

8)      Laugh and then Laugh again, for the energy of laughter lifts you above them

9)      Be honest in all you do, for honesty is that which sets you free from bondage

10)  It’s their story let them tell it, for God knows your story and that is all that matters

11)  Never compromise who you are for the sake of another

12)  Love God with all your Heart……………..


I know there is more to this list but, this is the list I give to you to understand the Christ within you shall guide you in your twelve all on your own. It is to take the time to sit within and connect to God in all you do...For the Light that shines cannot shine as bright as that which truly resides within you to be that of God…May you be Blessed in all you do, May you know that God truly loves you , May you always understand that you are here with God’s blessings, May you always know that God is the only that shall compare you to no one, May you know that you are deeply loved for being the Christ with God’s Love within…..



Love, Laughter & Light, Adele Marie

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