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Genetic Coding… Illusion or Reality…by Adele Marie

Genetic Coding… Illusion or Reality…by Adele Marie

When many times someone visits with me for an appointment it is often times when they most need answers to what is going on in their life. When this is the case it is not for me to judge what is going on in their life but for me to just be the vehicle a messenger to give to them what is being given to me. What I am seeing, hearing, knowing, sensing, feeling, smelling and tasting.

Many times the individual has already gone through their own conversations with their self, their family and friends. And still they are having a hard time with understanding or placing a perspective on what is really happening and going on around them.

We find in our lives those moments of time when nothing seems real and at the same time it all makes sense to our own way of looking at things, if we just stop and take a deep breath to look at the reality of the truth all things come to light. It’s at those moments of time that one relies on what they have gained and learned through their lifetime of living.

As I have said many times before it is all about society’s conditionings and what the view point is from the one who has had their life compelled and conditioned by the environment they have around them or lived with all of their life. The proverbial onion layers with which we call the “veil of illusions”.

Those layers upon layers of everyone else’s “stuff” that they have a belief structure in and the family units with which it has been taught gives to us the layering of everyone else’s belief structures that we cling upon to which has made us who we are. In which I call genetic coding.
In saying this we have all had those moments when sitting around the family kitchen table or a gathering of family, friends and acquaintances and listening to story upon story of everyone in the family or a shared experience with someone and what their issues may be or what an certain individuals is going through, whether it be good , bad or indifferent…I have to laugh as my family has had many in regards to me and how I talk to dead people. My niece commented one time that her father said to her “we all love Aunt Adele, she is different and we just accept that”. God Bless that they do, for I am who I am and as long as they love me then nothing else matters. But I do make a good conversation piece at family gatherings or I should say after I leave…

When looking at all of our historical recorded facts we find that many were stories of shared experiences, actual partaking and or memories that were handed down over generations that finally someone wrote down so that the information shall never be forgotten. We can look back into any culture in history and see story after story of places, people, events that have taken place that then creates the foundation for future generations and interest for all those who share the same desires, awareness, understandings, livelihood, cultural background, etc…. to this we have genetic coding.

I find year after year so many individuals who come to me say “ my mother had breast cancer, and my fear is that I will also have the same thing one day” . I ask them why they believe this is so strong in their belief structure and I always hear “ well that is what I am told, if my mother has had breast cancer then so shall I”. I then try to explain about what my belief structure for genetic coding is and how I have always been shown it works. I will not say that I too believe they will have breast cancer as that is not what I believe. I do believe as we sit around the family table and living room, group or gathering hearing story upon story of someone situations, experiences, issues, resentments, fears, etc… that we then start to look within ourselves to try to identify if we match the same thing. And I find that many individuals will then start applying what they believe is the same construct of their own self. I have to remind everyone that you are a separate and unique individual from the day you were born and as you are raised in whatever family unit, you then take on the characteristics of that family unit.

And at the same time when we hear something over and over again we start to apply it to our own self. Just as with an alcoholic that tells someone with whom they say they love so much how stupid they are the individual then starts believing what is given to them. Years ago I was given a notice that my children school was doing an awards assembly and that my child was receiving an award to please join them for the assembly. I took the afternoon off as with any mother I wanted to be there to see my child’s face light up when they had special attention given to them even if they shared it with two hundred other students. There I was standing by the wall as the room all of a sudden was quiet and each child’s name was read with the award they were being given. What an awesome experience to see a child’s name being called and how they would look around for their parents to see them go up and receive their award, how the parent would then flash their camera to capture the moment… and as I was standing there what I was feeling in no way matched what I was seeing and hearing.
The teacher would stand there and say how the children in the next group being called up were being given an award for being an average student. With big smiles on their faces here they went one by one to collect their award on paper which stated they were an average student...and then I was taken back over the years on how many years I have stood here watching the same exchange, remember groups of young ladies and young men saying to me when I would see them elsewhere how they were just average and not that special. How when applying for college those same students thought they could not even try or have anything to offer as they were just average and not college worthy.

After the ceremony as everyone was congratulating the children and taking pictures I asked to speak to the Principal and a few teachers. I wanted them to know that please do not ever give my child an award that says they are average. I would rather have my child not get an award as to have one that says they are average because to me every child is beyond average they are all special and unique individuals that learn at their own pace and experience so many things differently than the child sitting next to them. For when we place our own concepts on another to the way they should be and see and think then we are genetically coding them to be what we believe they should be. And as I always teach my children, clients and students…why allow others to live your life when they cannot even live their own…is the same as why allow others to make your decisions when the decisions they have made have not been their own….

We should not place labels upon a child as to not encourage them to be all that they can be. For my child and yours shall never be average as what you believe average to be.

To be normal in any society is to be what others want you to be. And we have already seen, heard and experienced what others do as we go about our day. We live in a society of rules and laws that many have been so distorted that they are no longer recognizable as to the original. Just as the genetic coding of historical stories have been handed down for generations so too have you…..for in you as you walk your path in this life… your genetic coding is that of your mother, father, grandparents, aunts and uncles, siblings, teachers, friends, co-workers, acquaintances, spouses, partners and ancestors…..the list goes on and on… for every single individuals you have met, every single individual you have had an experience with has now genetically coded you with their own belief structure, thoughts and words and you have absorbed it, taken it in as we say to heart…. to make it your own….as we travel along our spiritual path we are finding the truths to what is really what we have been seeking all along .. who am I and am I living my spiritual path…well, look within and see who you are and start peeling away the genetic coding of all those who have been creating you and there you shall find who you a truly are….there you shall find that unique individual who says “ hey take a look at me, I am not average , I am not weak, I am not you , I am me”…for now you can never say “ you are just average in every way and I made you that way “ for I am that which has been created to be all that is around me… reality or illusion….

To which is it to be….

Love, Laughter & Light, Adele Marie

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