Thursday, May 20, 2010

Adele’s Monthly Message- May 2010

Adele’s Monthly Message- May 2010

Shape Shifting with Mother Earth

Welcome, Wow… so much going on for everyone everywhere and this is just the continuation of the shifting energies that are with us…We are now at the point in time that is being given to look at the parallels of past and future…I have been talking about reflections for a time now and with so much hitting us I am being guided to remind of the existences of those reflections from the past and future here with us. We have all been inundated with so much talk of 2012 and at the same time it is to see the points of existences between then and now.

Mother Earth has been rippling, moving, shaking and she is going to keep right on going…here inner core was besieged by energy years ago that to this individuals was not the best, but the meaningful intentions where there. It is we as a human evolution of beings are learning each moment of our days here upon Mother Earth. This you can see with everything you do each day. What is it that you learn each day, each second, with every move or experience you have or make?

I am always asked about shape shifting and I always explain that we grow in shifting our experiences with each breath we take. For each individuals shape shifts every second of their lives, it is something that is done with no conscious thought and then too, with every fiber of our knowing. It is there when you wake until the moment you lay down your head to end your day. The constant shifting of energies, emotions, energies and responses you live through. Even to look within our own minds to see how we can at any given moment have one thought process and then when applied to an experience, can shift that perception to a whole new level. This is just the way the human experience advances and grows to bring us to the next level of understanding that we need. And when we look back through the years of our own birthing upon Mother Earth we can clearly see our advances and our setbacks to then place upon our understanding of what steps then need to be made to take us to the next level.

We all do this everyday in our spiritual growth, we gather and learn, we advance and we take steps back to re-evaluate the progression along the way as to what has happened and where the next turn of our journey will lead us. This is shape shifting at its finest and is the flexibility of the human evolution. In doing this we all process that in which we shift into or become from one connection to the other.

Just as we do, Mother Earth makes these shifts in her own evolution as we live upon her. If you really stand back you can see where the human experiences of growth, shape shift Mother Earth each day. In doing this Mother Earth must then make the journey to process that which is shifted upon her and through her. It is remembering that as Mother Earth processes all that is there, she just like the human experience will have some challenging aspects that goes along with the acclimation of all that we do. When we step back Mother Earth will always reflect back to us that which we are processing and shape shifting in our own experiences and the even exchange is that we will also mirror to her that which she is living through in her journey. We all understand that which a friend is experiencing is at one time the exact or similar experiences that you have lived through. A growth of guidance from one friend to another, that is why we can “be there” for that friend or they can be there” for us. As we look at this we are asked to “be there” for Mother Earth as she has been here for the human generations of development…
I bring this up as Mother Earth is going through her Processing of healing from all the energy that has been given to her from the human spiritual evolution in which individuals feel that she needs the energy to move forward, from many years ago.

In recognizing the healing process it is to be kind with everything to Mother Earth as she goes through this. I always tell my clients before I do any healing work with the “ as this energy moves through you, you will then be dealing with some issues…and you will be very emotional…Remember when you get upset with someone or they irritate you, it is not their stuff it is yours, just let them know to leave you alone as you process and acclimate in your healing” . So now let’s look at what Mother Earth has had to deal with other than the emotional scaring of her body as we progress along in our own growth and development. It is like scars and wounds upon her that she needs to heal…yes, upon her. And then look at the amount of energy from years ago and even to this day that individuals and large mass consciousness of groups have sent to her…just as we go through our own healing and releasing…she too, has been processing and all that we are experiencing through her shifting…is her way of finally releasing.

We are the mirror image of Mother Earth, as you look at yourself right now and all that you are processing and releasing….you can see and feel what Mother Earth is experiencing too. I find it amazingly awesome that we can mirror each other to then be a guiding light to one another in this way. To honor all that Mother Earth is as she honors who we are…accepting that which we do as no other….the continuations of shape shifting in our acclimation of higher learning and exposure to the elements in which we live. To bring us to the point of shifting our consciousness with a continuation of growth on Mother Earth…respect and acceptance of all living things…all loving beings and of one another.

We will continue in this avenue of ascension as we step closer to that of 2012…Remember it is not about 2012, it is all about the journey we walk to 2012 that shall shift us into the higher realms of evolution. And right now she is giving us clear signs in our journey along the way. May you always be clear in your thoughts of healing and love for Mother Earth as much as she is always clear in her intentions to give to each of us. It is for us to clear our energetic vibrations for her continued existence in which we shall become one with her in all ways, for she is the mirror and we are the holder.

Love, Laughter & Light , Adele Linsalata

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