Thursday, November 15, 2007

2012 and The Microwave

I was working with my guides one day and I asked them again about any updates for the year 2012. So many things being said and I wanted to check in and see what was going on and how things have changed to assist us along with the transition that is going on and will take place. As everyone is looking at what will happen on that date.

I had to laugh when my guides showed me a microwave. I asked what in the world is that for, as I do not like to use a microwave very often. Ascended Master Lord Amin-Ru stepped in to say “ everyone is looking for and waiting for the date of 2012, what do they think they will see?” I said I am not sure some kind of ending I believe as this is what is being given out all over the world to the population of people who live on Mother Earth“ he laughed and said “ what will it matter to wait and see if the time comes and things will end?” Once again, I had to agree with him and tried to help him see from the eyes of the human mind. People are so curious as to the Mayan’s and what happened to their civilizations as they seemed to have just up and left or did they too come to an ending? “ There is no ending”, this was said and then there was silence. I know there is no ending. He then said “ let us start over, you see there is this microwave here for you, with this microwave I ask that you place something in it you would like” Now, I very seldom use a microwave, but I went ahead and placed a cup of water in it. “Now go ahead and put a time upon it as you were heating the elements inside the cup”, I punched some numbers on the microwave and just looked at it. “what are you doing?” he asked. I explained that I am waiting for it to get done and the bell to ring. He then proceeded to explain to me. “what is it you are doing as you wait?” “I do not know I am standing here just watching and waiting for it to get done” he laughed and said “ Humans are sitting and watching for the bell to ring for the year 2012 and what do you think they will see? “ I waited for him to go on. “Humankind will see that all this time they have been waiting for something that is already existing around them, this is the time to prepare the way for the time of 2012. Do you believe the Mayans waited to see what was going to happen?’ NO, I said of course not. The Mayans knew that there was a change going on and started to prepare their communities for the that change.

When we all sit around, watch, and listen to everything that is given to us through the media outlets with all of the gloom and doom. We are actually assisting these forecast to come to the dire endings that they envision and want to keep impressing upon our minds..

When we actually take the time to look around and use our own Light, these dire predictions are a thing of the past. No longer do we have to accept what is given to us. Just as in the Microwave we can sit and wait for the time bell to ring or we can be productive in what we are here to do and move the Light forward with a wonderful outcome for all living creatures here on Mother Earth.

Love, Laughter & Light, Adele